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I love working with buyers, especially people new to the city, because I love taking them thru the discovery process that is New Orleans home buying. New Orleans properties are all very unique in location, architecture, and in varying stages of repair (or disrepair). Buyers are also all very unique in their needs, desires, life styles and budgets. Some buyers are ready to take on a gut renovation of a property in a historic district. Other buyers want a move-in ready home. Often my clients may be brand new to the city starting a new job, putting children in new schools, learning street names and just trying to get to a fro every day after making an enormous change. Adding a home renovation to that list is just not on the agenda. No matter what your goals and needs are, I can help guide you to the right property, negotiate the deal that is right for you, and then put you in touch with the resources you are going to need during the sales process and as a home owner.

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